© 2010
Author: C. E. Chaffin

Terror of the dead--
Zombies in your head
Bathed in demon dread,
By the worm blood-fed.

Horrors of the lost
March around the oak.
Fumes the burning cross--
Hypocrites will choke.

Who are your idols?
What gods do you know?
Money and power,
Opinion and show?
Bow to them now dear,
In Old Mexico,
Old Mexico.

Trade s some souls for rain--
Bloody corn will rise.
Man has gone insane
For the beans and maize.

Cut their hearts right out,
Hold them for the crowd.
Aztec butchers can
Carve out the heart alone.

The great serpent-bird,
Came from the coastline,
Where rains made it flood.
Thirsty for something,
He sought human blood,
Human blood.