Dark Times Are Coming
© 2010
Author: C. E. Chaffin
Dark Times

Dark times are coming
like the days of old,
the ancient drumming
will turn your liver cold.

Dark times are coming
in a jet black wave.
There will be nothing
but monuments to save.

Just like the walls of Jericho
the global compact will implode
The force of evil antes up,
you know I feel it in my gut

Dark times are coming
like a wall of pitch
to protect the poor
and mummify the rich

Dark times are coming
the theme is sure
There is no refuge,
there is no cure.

It is the fashion of the age
to proclaim tolerance not rage
Don’t mind the rules, simply pretend
God is your bellboy and your friend.

There was a time when
people still cared
back when milk bottles
slept on your stair.

All of the rumors
you used to hide
are forming tumors
inside the dirty bride.

She is the Whore of Babylon,
the hybrid of State and Religion
the Pope’s medallion in your palm
the Christ who charges you for calm.