© 2010
Author: C. E. Chaffin
Seeking Her

I have been seeking a companion
Truer than the truest friend.
I would pursue her with abandon,
On this you may depend.

There is a loneliness you’re born with
And then another kind you learn--
I know the woman that I’m sworn with
Will shade me like a fern.

I have besought the perfect partner,
The one to save me from the pit.
There is no limit to my ardor
If all the screws will fit.

Where does she run to?
Where does she hide?
I’d take ten arrows to stand by her side.

Is her hair silver?
Is her hair gold?
I would deliver my heart to her soul.

I have been searching for a helpmate
Just as Adam yearned for Eve
Though my requirement for a soul mate
I admit is quite naive.

With all the women lost to pleasure
And all the others lost to guilt,
You’d think that one would come to treasure
The pattern of my quilt.

She doesn’t have to be a beauty
Although I think she’ll likely be.
I want her love and not her duty,
No “Last Duchess” for me.


Repeat first verse and out with chorus.