River of Life
© 2010
Author: C. E. Chaffin
River of Life B major

River of life, river of death,
river from which I draw my last breath.
River of time, river of space,
river for each individual case.

Chorus: Will I travel where the river runs?
Should I yield to the flow?
For when everything is said and done
we'll still never know, we'll still never know...

Lying by the riverside
basking in the sun
you must ford the river wide
before your journey's done.

River of love, river of joy
river that nurtures and destroys
River of dark, river of light
river that sweeps the leaves through the night.


You may stand upon the shore
and watch the river glide
but the river's in your core
empowering the current you ride.

River of sorrow, river of pain
river of hail, snow and rain.
River of floods, river of power--
The river restores and the river devours.


Join the water of your kin
let your heart bleed clear.
You are neither out nor in
but one with the river from here.