A Night Like This
Author: Boutros & D'agostino
(Boutros, D'agostino)

I've had my sights on you a while
Your denim matches your blue eyes
I feel my heartbeat skip when you walk my way

There's a bonfire burning bright and warm
It would feel so right to be in your arms
You're with your friends but I see you stealing glances

Well don't be shy lets give this thing a try
Underneath the diamonds in the sky
There's a magic rising up let's just surrender

So much could happen on a night like this
We could make the memory of our first kiss
We could fall in love under the milky way
Together, together

I've been waiting forever for this onetime chance
Lost in the moment in a moonlight dance
This is it baby I know we cana€™t miss
Love begins
On a night like this

Fireflies are dancing in the breeze
A warm mist is rolling off the sea
I dream of you don't you feel the same way ?

Hear the lovers laughing on the sand
Come on over here boy take my hand
Let's steal the moment while it's still in our reach

We could rise above this crazy world
Let the fire deep in our hearts burn
Can't you feel it? , we can make it last forever


When the stars align you can't fight fate
There could be no better time or place
To start forever with a kiss , oh
This feels so right
Lets make it our night