Suddenly Gone
Author: Warren Boutros

Drizzly night in June
Swinging on the porch
Like we used to do
And I remember when
It seemed like time would never end

But every scene replays
I close my eyes
We dance again
I smile and drift away
Then it hits me like the rain

You're Suddenly Gone
Like a rider in the wind
Another fifth of gin
Before I even had a chance at all
To fight for what I'd lost

Everything's wrong
That used to be right
You used to be mine
And after all the love we gave for so long
You're suddenly gone

I shouldn't be surprised
I should have made you see
What you mean to me
If I'd a' opened up my eyes
I might not be alone tonight

Thunders rolling in
I think of words I might have said
But endings come too fast
And take so long to pass


Gone in the blink of an eye
Everything's changed
And no matter what I try
This aching never ends