Ride With Me
(W. Boutros, J. D'Agostino)

Morning sun is smiling, it's time to hit the highway
Slip on a pair of shades, shift these gears and roll
Need to free my soul

Your dress is waving in the breeze, you're like an angel
I wanna be your hero, take you far away
Into a bright new day

Let's leave our troubles in a trail of taillights and dust
Hold on and feel that rush

Ride with me girl we can touch the sky
Race the wind for a hundred miles
Your golden hair blowing free and wild
Won't you ride with me , Come on ride with me

Soon we'll see that small town fading in the rear view,
Up a head clear view, cross the county line
Who knows what we'll find

Where the rivers run free and the wildflowers dance
Reach out and take my hand


Ride with me girl on the wings of faith
They'll take us to a special place
The highway's calling out our names
Won't you ride with me, Come on ride with me

There's twists and turns ahead
The road's gonna? break and bend
Ain't gonna hit no more dead ends
Its in our hearts , you and me,
Chasin' down our destiny