Get Me To The Weekend
Author: Warren Boutros, Jon Dagostino
(Boutros, D'agostino)

Monday morning it's pouring, wish I was still dreaming
Hit the snooze again
Back in traffic on Tuesday now I feel like screaming
When's it gonna end?
Wish I could get away, find me a party
Hanging out with my friends all day long
Stuck in H E L L, Somebody save me
DJ play my song

Friday, Saturday, Wanna dance the night away
Friday, Saturday, Get me to the weekend
Friday, Saturday, I don’t care what they say
Friday, Saturday, Get me to the weekend
Getting wild, getting loud, getting crazy
Get me to the weekend

Wednesday work's so insane, wish the day was just over
Stuck in such a rut
Barely make it to Thursday, the world's on my shoulder
Need a pick me up
Get a text, smiley face, Friday night party
From a guy in my sights all year long
Fantasies running wild
I can't stand waiting
Gonna rock it through the break of dawn


Friday seems to last forever
Clock is stuck at five to never