Turn To Me
Author: Warren Boutros

When darkness falls around you,
You’re lost out in the rain
Don’t ever lose your faith, don’t ever lose your faith

Along this restless highway
Sometimes you'll feel the pain
Of nighttime's cold embrace

But I’ll be your shelter darling don’t think twice
If ever you’re shaking, can’t seem to make it

Turn to me, when you’re searching
Turn to me, when you need …
Arms in the night just to hold you
When your dreams desert you
And it’s so hard to see
I’ll be your light, turn to me

You're always walking so strong
I know you've got your pride
But when the hurt runs deep
Don’t let it tear you up inside

Dawn's on the horizon
Dark cloud’s gonna fade
And I'm right here by your side

You lifted me whenever I was falling
And I'll never forget those sweet words you said


Oh oh I’ll be your strength just like you’ve always been mine
You’ll find faith in my eyes