Someday We'll Smile
Author: Warren Boutros, Jon D'agostino, Katia Zuccarelli
(Warren Boutros, Jon D'agostino, Katia Zuccarelli)

Summer sun is fading fast, baby pull me in 
Wish this could last forever
I'm never letting go

Something in your sad eyes tells me you're as scared as I am
But trust me
If there's one thing I know

It's that memories like these are postcards, for our hearts to hold, like

Dancing to the strings on your guitar
Rolling in the grass under stars
Loving in the soft glow of the dark 
And getting high a' high on life

Every kiss is closer to the day
The perfect summer slowly rolls away
And burns out in the August night
I know tomorrow we'll both cry
But someday we'll, smile
Yeah we'll look back and, smile

I'm the kind of girl who needs the country
I go to church on Sundays
And breath the mountain air

You were raised to run on concrete sidewalks 
A little bit of fast talk
Whole lotta city flair 
They say nothing ever lasts forever, but I'll always be there


And one day when you catch a couple' fireflies
Flicker in a July sky
Baby close your eyes, I'll be