Keep Believing (Full band)
Author: Warren Boutros & Alex Forbes
(Warren Boutros , Alex Forbes)

Time — they say it heals
The ache that you feel
But you start to wonder
Days spin into years
Tears disappear
Or did they go underground?

Hide from the sun
Thinking no one will ever find you
But I’ll remind you

Keep believing
Keep on dreaming
Let go sorrow
Start your healing
Cry if you want to
Fight cause you’ve got to
Keep believing
Keep believing

I still see a trace
Crossing your face
When you remember
Don’t wish it away
Love is what stays
Warm as an ember glows

Deep in the dark
Lighting the heart you thought was broken
Throw it open


When you hear the sound of doubt pounding on your door
Call me
I’ll always be here
Cause love is what we’re living for