Everyday Romance
Author: Warren Boutros, Alex Forbes, Simon Kirke
(Warren Boutros, Simon Kirke, Alex Forbes)

I tried the city life
That crazy chasin' race to find some peace of mind
I knew a man or two
So quick to fall and call it love
I never took the time til you
 You turned me around
 Some might say I’ve settled down
But I know I finally found...
An everyday romance
        Makes the sun rise
        Tumbles out of bed
        Grabs a coffee and drives
        An everyday romance
        Comes home every night
To this old familiar dance
        This everyday romance
Now I have no regrets
Not wishing, wanting, trying to get to somewhere else
I’m going nowhere fast
Just rolling to the rhythm
As each moment I spend with you rushes past
So if my destiny
Is this sweet routine
I'm content to let it be...


            Those notes left on my pillow
            That shirt of yours I wear
            The tune you always whistle
            The way you run your fingers through my hair