For Peter and For Paul (Bard of Ely)
© 2003 Ed Drury & Bard of Ely
Author: Words Bard of Ely Music Ed Drury
It's descriptive of an altered state of reality.
When I picked up the phone
An alien voice was on the line,
So I looked in my address book,
Wanting to reach a friend of mine,
But someone had substituted a hieroglphic style;
The letters grew and flew around
As my shoes began to smile.
The letters all got bigger,
While some they stayed so small,
Exploding in multicolour for Peter and for Paul.

One hundred faces watched like spies
As clock hands stopped in time,
I was walking over galaxies
Inside a nursery rhyme,
And you were there beside me
But invisible to all around.
You spoke in tongues of patterns,
While trees all hummed with sound.

I navigated rivers flowing outside my door,
While people in the woodwork,
Dissolved in semaphore,
The handle was reptilian but your face was on my mind,
I tried to speak and waved my arms
But your name I couldn't find.
And everything was awesome with a newborn beauty;
To get back, where streets are streets
And love you was my duty.
Now if we meet 'neath changing skies
Of electric cobwebbed space,
I'll see it all within your eyes
And rainbows in your face.