Dark Side of the Sun
© 2004 Ed and Lisa Drury
Author: Lisa and Ed Drury
Darkness when the desires are of light.
Imbalance is left when the day is shorter than the night.
Demons and monsters, villians and theives,
come out from hidding under the leaves.

The anger and hurtful places that reside,
and most of the time know all too well how to hide,
Leap up and pull me in.
They know the stories of what has been.

The sun now begins it's slow ascent.
But the habits and memories leave their marks and energy is spent.
The imprints feel as real, maybe more so,
than the original decline that touched so low.

Writing seems to reach a place deep inside,
as the words pour out, I find a safe place to confide.
What is so difficult to tell one more,
is now revealed to me by my core.

In finding my way back out,
being honest in looking at the dark night, of course it is doubt.
A willingness to know (even when I do not feel) devotion,
is to reconnect in courage and faith to the ocean.