Look What You've Done
© Karl Rose 2008, All Rights Reserved
Author: Karl Rose
The door just opened and you stood there
You knocked me down unaware
The moment’s passed but it’ll always last
You caught me out unprepared

I didn’t see you coming
not this time no warning no nothing
I didn’t even get a chance to hide
Maybe it’s time that I stopped running
and told the world what you’ve done to me
You made me fall in love
You looked at me with those pretty eyes
that was all you had to do
You made me fall in love with you

You didn’t know quite what you’d done
I didn’t say and it’s so unfair
That pretty smile hidden in those eyes
I fell in and I feel alive
Crack cocaine brings so much pain
But I’m hooked on you and I can’t let go

When I close my eyes you’re in my head
You’re in my dreams won’t let you go
I pinch myself just to check it’s real
‘cos dreams like you are exactly how this feels