Oil in their eyes
© Karl Rose, all rights reserved 2010
Author: Karl Rose
See the fear on your TV screen
Finish Breakfast, then wash your hands clean
But what happens, do you just let them die
You don't seem to care if they're alive

'Cos there's no oil in their eyes we let them die
'Cos there's no oil in their eyes
they die, they die, they die

Hatchet, fire, & rape it's all the same
In your traffic jam, nobody's maimed
You know you're safe when you get home
But you're not 3 years old and all alone

So will you stand tall, not watch them fall
If we stand together we can help them all

Here we go again it's just a different place
But I still see fear etched on every face
On your TV screen it's just old news
It'd be different if it was you