Diogenes (Original)
© 8/4/2014 All rights reserved
Author: Ken Smith (TexScratch)
'Diogenes' ©

Ken Smith

Beggin' with ya momma; down on bended knee
Gotta listen to me momma; I need to ask your expertise
Jus' what were you thinkin'; when you named your middle son Diogenes

You claim inspiration; inspired by Greek philosophy
But your infatuation with all things spartan was the key
That leads to the research department, of my home town library


I must confess confusion; when others ask my name
Trials and tribulations were parts of life I overcame
Attempting to find answers or maybe someone else to blame

Older brother's Plato; younger's brother Socrates
Yes my older brother's Plato; younger bro is Socrates
Our sister's name is Bertha; Don’t ask why cause its all Greek to me


Got a gal in Zephyr, Texas; plays the guitar in a band
Drives a fancy Lexus; tatoos on the palm of her left hand
She's a criminal attorney, dedicated, desecrated, nicely tanned

Claims to have the answers; she got a cat that's Siamese
She hails from Yugoslavia, and her name is Maryclees
She's my Macedonian baby; I'm her sweet Diogenes

Repeat 1st Verse