My Father's Eyes (Original)
© 3/7/2014 All Rights Reserved
Author: Ken Smith (TexScratch)
My Father's Eyes ©
Ken Smith 2/25/2014 (Capo to 'F')

Sitting on the floor, looking up to Him; Oh how long its been

He made me realize

That life is filled with joy and sorrows; my tomorrows

Were in my Father's eyes

"Son, you must listen to these words of mine;" "There once was a time

My Father gave to me"

"Lessons offered from His early days; now caught up in haze

Of my fading memory"

Many winding roads were laid before me

All but one were pathways often tried

"Choose the one that leads to higher places"

Then I saw traces; of my future deep within my Father's eyes

Years went by and so did I, then one day; He made clear to say

"There's no time for long goodbyes"

"Its time to leave behind this body broken;" words unspoken

Written deep within my Father's eyes

I sit alone at times and often wonder; and I ponder

Those lessons of His times

"Now my son I ask for you to listen; or you'll be missing

The meaning held within these rhymes"

"Many winding roads will lay before you

All but one are pathways you won't try

Choose the one that leads to higher places; See the traces

Of my Father within your father's eyes"