Muskingum County Call (Original)
© 02 May 2013 All Rights Reserved
Author: Ken Smith
Muskingum County CallĀ©
Ken Smith (02-16-2013 lyrics/composition 05-02-2013)

Stars shine on this riverbank ; as Muddy waters flow - Seeking out redemption from the sea

Muskingum County calls me back; to a childhood country home, to relive boyhood memories

Baseball gloves slung across our shoulders; Fishing poles and marbles in our hands

Riding wooden sleds when it got colder; Cutler lake & soldiers in the sand; Muskingum county tanned

The Church of Christ on Maple Street - Windows open wide - Hallaluehs on a summer Sunday morn

They say the town was twice this size in 1955; Many things have changed since we were born

Hartman's Drugstore boarded up and lonely; Dusty jukebox, songs that I recall

Buddy Holly tunes, a nickel only; Muddy river pictures on the wall; Muskingum County calls

Moss grows on a riverbank; Muddy waters flow - Somewhere in the distance waits the sea

Muskingum County calls me back to a childhood country home; to close the door on distant memories