Texas Crazy Hiway Blues (SouthWesterly)
© Ken Smith & Dave Jacobs 2012 all rights reserved
Author: K Smith Lyrics/vocals, D. Jacobs music/production
Texas Hiway Blues©
Ken Smith (8/27/2011 & 8/22/12)

Picking up the pieces scattered 'cross the floor;

I'm no good at holding on; they've been dropped before

The one I keep looking for resembles you; but these picture puzzle pieces don't provide a clue

I don't think I'm crazy; maybe just a fool

They tell me you're not here; maybe Austin town

So I'm heading up the hiway to the Heartbreak Lost and Found

Engine overheated Travis County line; Once again mistreated; it's third and long this time

I don't think I'm crazy; But I'm acting like a fool

We've been through this fixing pieces that I tore; 2 times once too often; a 3rd time charm once more

How many times have I heard the slamming of your door? One; Two; Three; Four

Next stop maybe Dallas if I treat this truck with care

That country place in Fort Worth; I know you like it there

The miles behind remind me life is lonely without you

I'd turn around and head back home, but what then would I do?

Our friends don't think I'm crazy; they know me; I'm just a fool

ADDED 8/22/12:

I've picked up all the pieces; scattered 'cross our floor
I'm no good at holding on; you told me that before
The only piece I'm missing; the one that I can't find
Leaves my heart a wishing you'd return this one last time

It may be I'm just crazy; without you I'm a fool...