Maddie's Moon (SouthWesterly)
© Ken Smith & Dave Jacobs 2012 all rights reserved
Author: K Smith Lyrics/vocals, D. Jacobs music/production
Maddie's Moon©
Ken Smith (03/12/2012)

Must be a million stars, in a springtime Texas sky

Although they seem so far away; we can touch them if we try

I'd reach up & capture Jupiter; maybe Venus too; a thousand sparkling others & give them all to you

Then add one to the universe; and call it Maddie's Moon

Heavens shining brightly; and a smile upon your face

Driving down a country road; at a Lone Star country pace

Everything here below seems exactly right; God's creation we behold on a starry Texas night

And just to make you happy; I'd hang the moon for you

Yesterday a toddler; a young lady now you are

Nine years old, more beautiful; than any rising star

If I had within my power, what I'd ask God to do; is shape another planet, paint it pink and purple too

Then hang it in the Texas sky, and call it Maddie's Moon

I'd give you all the flowers found in April, May and June

And take a couple hours to write a special tune

Then sing it on your birthday; underneath the Maddie Moon

And sing it on your birthday; underneath the Maddie Moon