Song Down Here Somewhere (SouthWesterly)
© 2012 SouthWesterly - All Rights Reserved
Author: Ken Smith original - (Dave Jacobs bridge)
There's a Song Down Here Somewhere©
Ken Smith (04/04/2012)

Special corner in a world of special places; Just one more night before we
We leave behind these tiny traces; In the sands on a beach in Mexico
Soon washed away; No clue we were ever here, My dear,
But this I know........There's a song down here somewhere

Touch of salt on a frozen margarita; Setting sun on the Manzanillo Bay
Barkeeper send the lovely seniorita; With another round of memories on her tray
We'll wade the surf in the twilight; Climb upon the old fishing pier; it's so near,
And this I know........ There's a song down here somewhere

Plane leaves tomorrow at eleven; Heading back to live the lives we know
Standing on a starlit piece of heaven; In the waters off western Mexico
Shifting sand in the hourglass; And this tropic beach we share, I declare,
This I know........ There's a song down here somewhere

Repeat last line