That was Then (Original)
© 08/03/2012 All Rights Reserved
Author: Ken Smith (TexScratch)
That was then; This is now©
Ken Smith (8/03/2012)

I never knew then; What I think I know now - Seasons live, seasons end in our hearts somehow

How carefree those days; No worries or fears - We lived in the haze of our younger years

That was then - This is now.

Each day we would share; till spring sixty- four - Nothing was fair in love and war

The fog rolled away; when that season was done - Springtime gave way to the summer sun

That was then - This is now.

Guitar interlude

Fall takes the stage; Then December is here - Each calendar page now a souvenir

The seasons must change; We were told that they would - And it's people we know who make life good

Some are here; this is now

This is then; this is now