Easy Street (Original)
© 11 July 2012 all rights reserved
Author: Ken Smith (TexScratch)
Easy Street
Ken Smith (07/11/2012)
(Capo three frets to 'G' & played in 'D')

I've heard of a place they call Easy Street;
Folks up there, they've got it made

Don't think I'll ever find Easy Street;
These bills we have may not get paid

People living there have occupations;
40 hour weeks plus overtime
The unemployed in a once great nation;
Left at the station, far behind

It's not a bed of roses that I'm seeking;
Just a job to keep a family fed
From Washington we hear the words you're speaking;
Now we're critiquing those things you said

Some say no problems on Easy Street;
You take your lemons, you make your lemonade
Lots of smiley faces on Easy Street;
Changes promised; arrangements made

You'll find many favors on Easy Street;
On Easy Street your debts, they all get paid
If not by you then by your neighbor;
but there's no waiver for those betrayed

I've heard of a place they call Easy Street;
Folks find their way when they've got it made
For those residing there on Easy Street; life is sunshine;....
but there's no shade