I'm the Baddest Guy I Know
Author: Carlo D'Anna
I’m the baddest guy I know..
The baddest guy I know.
When I go walking down the street, I’m so cool,
With my zoot-suit and my pompadour hairstyle,
I’m the baddest guy I know.
I’m a one man walking Las Vegas show.
I move down the promenade, my nose in the air.
My reflection in the windows is so debonair.
To women, they know me as Mister Charm.
The men see Alpha Male when I show those bulges in my arm.
Enticing as I seem I am quite alone
Contamination in my gene pool is a real concern
So I wear my best kimono and I dance for them,
In the streets I display my prodigious specimen.
I’m the baddest guy I know,
The baddest guy I know.
One of these days the world will recognize
That I am super special and not a regular guy.
My lineage goes back to Charlemagne,
With a mix of Cleopatra and Rasputin.