Smiling Through the Rain
© 2003 Ron Barnes
Author: Ron Barnes
She was a lovely southern teen.
She should have been a beauty queen.
But that was not what lay in store.
The burden that she had to bear,
Even though it wasn't fair,
Led her through another door.
No one to hear. No shining knight appeared
To dry her tears.
But through the sorrow and the pain,
All the beauty still remains.
She keeps smiling through the rain.

She kept on searching for the light.
Always sure that she was right
And it was still worth looking for.
But when she finally found the day,
There was an awful price to pay
For the diamond ring she wore.
So abused, and yet she still refused
To get the blues.
And even she could not explain
What kept her coming back again.
She keeps smiling through the rain.

There is still light in her eyes, there is no compromise.
She knows which way to go.
Down the road that she has
chose 'cause deep within she knows
What no one else can know.
There's a place where she belongs,
a man to sing her happy songs
And never do her wrong.
It's burning deep within her brain
It's a happy sweet refrain
That keeps her smiling through the rain.

Marimba Solo

She sees the sunshine through the clouds.
She hears a voice that calls out loud
To share a life of love and peace.
She sees a place that's warm and clean
Someone who knows what true love means
And who can set her mind at ease.
Holding on, she knows it won't be long
And she's still strong.
Because she knows it's not in vain.
There's a fire within her brain
That keeps her smiling through the rain.

Yes, she knows it's not in vain.
And the fire within her brain
Keeps her smiling through the rain.

Sax riff