Only Human
© 1992, Madeline Preisner
Author: Madeline Preisner
I’m only human, I can’t run like a horse,
I can’t hunt like a cat, I’m not as fast as that

I’m only human, I have no coat like a bear
no colored camoflage, I have to make myself things to wear

I can’t navigate through the ocean, like a dolphin can
Can’t track a scent like a dog, cause I’m only a man

I’m only human, I’m not as perfect as a weed
I have to think because I have no instinct to tell me what I need

I’m only human, theres so many things I lack
I have to make myself tools and weapons to protect myself from attack.

and they tell us that we are the height of evolution
I think that if we really look there’s a more obvious conclusion

SOLO 16 bars

We’re only human, wiith so much violence and greed
we let our fellow man go hungry, so we can have more than we need

We’re only human, with our advanced technology
we try to conquer nature, and we destroy the ecology

we think we were meant to rule the earth, with our inquiring minds
of all the simple living creatures we’re the only ines who have to ask why

We’re only human, we have yet to realize
that the thing we need to change most is on the inside of our eyes

We’re only human, ---- only human, not meant to dominate------just appreciate,
it’s not too late