Don't Break Down
© 2006, Madeline Preisner
Author: Madeline Preisner
When you feel like, life, is just, too much trouble
and it hurts to get yourself up out of bed
just remember that pain doesn’t live in your body
and everything you feel is inside your head

So think of good things, love and times
when friends laughed, big smiles
on faces you love to hold in your mind

And if you feel like, it just, isn’t worth it
to have to keep on going every day
remember, every minute, of life is precious
you just have to look at it, that way

So think of good things, life and beauty
skies full of stars and sunsets divine
feelings you hold, so closely inside

Don’t Break Down
Hold Yourself Up
and Take a Good Look Around

Look for good things, the colors of nature
sunlight and shadow passing through time
take comfort, in what you can find

And feel your spirit -- lifting
breathe in and let go
remember your heart will still keep on beating
if you let a smile rest on your face

And if you feel like cryin or laughin
let yourself go, don’t be afraid
if sorrow, will make you feel better
it’s better than not feelin the pain

Don’t Break Down
Open your
and Take a Good Look Around

Think of, how it, could be
you could find something to hold again
If you open your heart and let it in.