Painfully Shy
© 2006, Madeline Preisner
Author: Madeline Preisner
Painfully Shy ©2006 Madeline Preisner

Boy you and me, I know that we, would have made a fine pair
but you didn’t see, unfortunately, how much I really cared
when you passed by, I’d try, but I could never meet your eye
if you wondered why, it’s just that I, was painfully shy

Painfully shy, It was so hard for me to show,
what secretly I, really wanted you to know.
Though you were my dream, it didn’t seem. like I could ever say hello.
If you wondered why, it was that i was painfully shy

My whole life it seems, my dreams, have always come true
but thre are some things, I dreamed, that I never dared to do
when chances came by, I, never even tried
because I, was painfully shy

Painfully shy, why was it so hard for me
to try, every opportunity
It took me so long. to be strong, and take a chance to see
Now you know why, it’s just that I was painfully shy

Painfully shy,
painfully shy