© Madeline Preisner
Author: Madeline Preisner
What’s your perspective? What’s your point of view?
Is what you believe to be true?

Put it in perspective, three dimensions, then walk inside and make yourself at home
Living space room to roam unlock all the doors and let your spirit free

Check it out there, inside, over and around and through
investigate the idea thoroughly, and then believe it’s true

It can be real if you do

You are what you think you are, what you think you are
If you don’t believe you can then you won’t go too far
You are, what you think, you are, what you do
You can do what you believe if you believe it’s true

Use your imagination, explore your mind. Don’t be afraid of what you might find
If you don’t believe, then just pretend, then don’t let the fantasy end

Give it life, give it action, give it life and that’s what your life can be
sound effects and technicolor a whole new reality

Everything you think, you are, Everything you do
but if you don’t do it no one can do it for you
You can make yourself a life you like, if you want to
You are what you do believe if you believe it’s true

What you dream is what you could be, yeah, but who you are is what you do
You can make your dream come true, if you do what you really want to do

It will be real if you do