© 2008 Kurt Lewis Neufer
Author: Kurt Lewis Neufer
I truly love you darling.
Let me count the ways,
I'm always thinking of you,
I need you every day,
And if i had to live without you,
You've got to know that I'd be blue without your love.

I'll always want you darling,
You're always on my mind,
You are my one and only,
until the end of time,
And there can be no other lover,
That could hold a candle up to you, our love is true.

And when I hold you darling,
You set my heart on fire,
And when I kiss you darlin,
You fill me with desire,
And in the morn, I wake beside you,
I thank the Lord that I have you, and always will.

I truly love you darling, oooh -oooh-oooh