Self Pity City -
© Jeni Wallwork
Author: Jeni Wallwork
Stars say I’m fooling my feelings
So I’m under the channel to France
Born from the black tube to Paris
Love city make this jaded heart dance
Talk dirty to me Paris
Oh lascivious Prince of Troy
Find my angry Achilles
Shoot your bow wake my joy

Self pity city
Romance this stone into bling
Thrust your arrow of love deep
Into my plastic heart-shaped Eiffel key ring
Self pity city

Da Vince Code male symbols
Oh pyramids and iconic towers
Piercing the nonchalant French sky
As I wile away the hours

Notre Dame give this dame
An Arc de Triomphe smile
From above give her heart a shove
Prove you are a city of love
And let her forget for a while
This incurable romantic
Remains incurable