Crashing Train -
© Jeni Wallwork
Author: Jeni Wallwork
Prising pleasure from my pain
His guilty prize hangs like a chain
Around his heart denied disdained
A heart alive on power and gain
In his domain he is master
His campaign my disaster
Entertaining his addiction
He restrains me
Through astral planes he breaks me
My innocence escapes
No shame in sweetest agony
Burning chains of irony
More than pleasure more than pain
Tortured boy, girl insane
My life is like a crashing train
Why do I stay?
Sadomasochist to lover
So many firsts like no other
From the burning scars of Satan
We quell the spell of domination
Captive crimson room of fire
Calls a new man to virgin desire
In exquisite heated play
He completes me
Through astral light this dark knight
Ignites my goddess
Never ceasing to amaze
Exploding pieces in his gaze
More than pleasure more than pain
His shades of sadness fill my veins
He loves me like a crashing train
And I stay
Like a dove in this twisted love
Flying lost below above
Phoenix and Icarus
Have nothing on us
I love him like a crashing train
And I crave