4 Call Home - www.jensong.com.au.mp3
© Jeni Wallork
Author: Jeni Wallork
I’ve come a long way
Drowning misfit
War and dread
In her head
For a girl
Who can’t call home

I’m not in
A leaky boat
But I learn to float
Away from me
New psyche
New time zone
Where I call home

Call home, call home
I wanna I wanna call home

We’re all refugees
Hated by someone
For being
Someone else
Got to escape
A time and place
Where you can’t call home

In the world
The only safe place Is the state
Of your mind
When you’re gatekeeper
Thoughts are sweeter
When you can call home
So good to finally find a place
Away from war in a safe head space
That feels like home
That I can call home