Ruin My Voice
© Zapp That! Records
Author: Andrew Lee
Do do do do, do do do do

I never knew
That all this time
You had me
You always ran right out the door
And now it is done
So close and undone
And I can feel your breath against me

What happened to us
We came so far apart
You said that I was just gon' ruin my voice
But I'm alive
And I'm alive
Without you're holding me

And I said
I never wanted you to leave me
Why'd you have to do this to me now?
Why'd you have to make me cry
And ruin my voice!

Why'd you have to do this to me?
All these rough notes I hit
Because you made me lose my voice
I'll never see you again

Yeah, yeah

And soon I found myself, singing
Another sad love song
And all because you didn't believe me
In the first place
But if I never liked you
I never would feel this way
And sometimes it's all your fault
That you made me
Ruin my voice