Find, Fool, Forget
© Zapp That! Records
Author: Andrew Lee
Do do do do do do
Do do do do-lo-do-lo
Do do do

Find 'em, fool 'em, forget 'em
Do do do do do do do do do

My momma said
That I can't come
Into the place
Until I say
I'm gonna find you
I'm gonna fool you
I'm gonna forget you

And one of these days
I'm gonna say
That I am the one
Who gonna say this
But someday
You're gonna be dead
And you're gonna be dead

Find 'em, fool 'em, forget 'em
Find 'em fool 'em forget 'em, baby
Find 'em, fool 'em, forget 'em, ooohhh-oooh

You're gonna find 'em, whoa
And then you're gonna fool 'em, baby
Ohh, forget 'em


Find 'em, fool 'em,...
What's the last thing again?
You gotta forget 'em

One of these days
You're gonna be sorry
That you let go of me
And I can't help you

One of these days
You're gonna be sorry
I f- ed you in the ass
And you're gonna be sorry

One of these days, one of these days
You're not gonna be
Near me anymore
Because of me
Because of it

Find 'em, fool 'em, forget 'em
You gotta find 'em fool 'em forget 'em, whoa!
Find 'em, you gonna find 'em!
Fool 'em, you gonna fool 'em!
Forget 'em, ahh yeah yeah yeah yeah