Zark Cherrie Records
© Zapp That! Records
Author: Andrew Lee
I was supposed to be a major pop artist
But I didn't like the way they treated me
'Cuz they didn't know how much that I could see
For myself
They didn't let me down to all this change
And now I say c'mon
C'mon and get me today
And then whad'ya say?
What you want?
And it's like this...

(Ch, ch, ch ch, ch ch)
How come everytime I come around here
They're always bossin' me 'round
And I was hangin' off the ground, baby
I wanna know, that you're not the boss of me
Not the boss of me today

Not the boss today

(Ch ch ch ch ch)
And I went to the place
And they were like bossin' me around
All around
They say they didn't even need me anymore
And then they run me right out the door
So I take off for myself
Off the shelf
And soon I found a light
And I didn't need their sh- no more
No I didn't need their sh- no more
How could they do this to me?
I thought they f- king liked me
How, how, how, could they do this to me!!?

(Ch, ch ch, ch ch, ch ch)
And I remember the days when they said
That I was their jewel, and I was their gold
But soon they dumped me in the trash
And now I'm gone
And I can be myself
I can make millions, without their stupid equipment
And I can be who I want, and how I want
Without them
Ooh yeah, without them
I can be by myself

I don't need you no more
F-ck you Zark Cherrie Records!
I'm by myself!