© Zark Cherrie Records
Author: Andrew Lee
*click click*
I like to drink soda, baby
I like my own photo, baby
I'll give you my telephone number whenever you please
Just give me soda and I'm on my knees
Just beggin'
Just beggin' for a sip

I wanna sip of your soda
And it looks so good
I could drink it all up in one sip
A big sip that will be

'Cuz your soda's so yummy for me
I gotta have it all for me
I wanna sip of your soda
A soda's for me

Just give me a soda and boy
You know how I stay real into me

And I'm not a girl
But I live in this world
So you better give me all your soda
And let me be

Gimme your soda boy,
And I'll give you my brand new toy
What else are you askin' for
Anything that you bargained for
As long as you're not some sort of
Crazy drug addicted freak
I'll give you my soda
It's what you please

Gimme your soda boy
And I'll give you my brand new toy
Give you my soda, it's yummy, it's 'licious,
And I need to go and drink it

How do I think of creativeness?
Is it the soda, the juiciness?
The fizz and the bubbles
They're giving me gastric gases everywhere

But I need it
Gimme or I'll lose all the air
That we breathe, and I need, to survive
Offa soda
Just give me my soda
And I want my