Years Are An Asset & The Rich Folks...Blues
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Author: Mr. Axolotl (Zolli/Wallack/Hart w Campau/Segal)
Years Are an Asset
by bret harold hart

Years are an asset…Time never done me wrong
Things like clocks and calendars mean less and less
As my path moves on
Became a father rather late…I was almost 38
Two step kids and a brand-new child
Lots of things to make me wild
If I’d have been 20…I’d have come apart
Like 10 tons of trouble in a one-ton cart
A lot of it was doing just the best I could
And I guess it worked… knock on wood
Got talking with my pastor…talking with my kin
All of us trying to figure out which ones are gonna get in
I’ve been reading in my Bible
Building stairs where I can
Taking as my teacher
The beloved Son of Man