Ani Maamin
© 5767
Author: Binyamin Tsadik
Ani Ma'amin B'Emunah Shelemah
B'viat HaMaShiach, Ani Ma'amin
V'af al pi sheyitmameha, Im kol zeh achake lo
B'chol yom, B'Chol yom sheyavo, B'Chol yom Sheyavo

Oh King of Shalom I beleive with perfect trust
That You'll bring us all home and not abandon us
That You will send us a servant, to save us from doom
May he come in our days, may You send him forth soon

He will raise up Your people and destroy Your enemies
He will bring Your redemption and cut the nations to their knees
And his words will break, shatter, and vaporize fake ideologies
And establish Your Truth as land established over seas

Our paths will be straightend, through the corridor of existance
Our goals will be perfection, reguardless of the distance
Towards it like a stream with no more resistance
It will be like a dream, when we succeed in persistance

We will laugh [Yitzhhak] at the reversal, and understand all history
When the nations gather for war, they will feel Your decree
The earth lies in waiting, a tempest for the enemy
Thunder rages from the skies, battle cries for the free

Ani Ma'amin

Descendant of Yehudah, Peretz, and Miriam aswell
From Ruth the Moavite, Ishai in sin he never fell
Descendant of David, King of Israel
Shlomo to Yehhizkiahu right down to Hillel

Will hear [yishma] God, our cries of pain they brought
He will send forth his servant as our sages have taught
When he's asked if he's the one, he'll say it matters not
For his will is bound and tied, to our Master like a knot (Tefilin)

The eagle will rest far and high to escape
It can run from responsibility but not divine fate
It's nest is of straw and Yoseph's a flame
They will live with their flaw in eternal shame

A star from Ya'kov, will come in their stead
And then for seven months we will bury the dead
And then Esav our brother you have reason to fear
For Ya'kov will meet and judge you, at the top of mount Seir

Ani Ma'amin

Although the clay came apart the potter changed it to his vision
Just as when we repent He will sculpt us with percision
But the bad figs in the basket will be cast off in disgrace
For our brothers we will cry, a river of tears on our face

For the servant of Shalom, I will wait all my days
May he lead us straight and strong in the light of Your ways
He will egnite our candle to be a light to mankind
All throughout the hearts of men, not a doubt (Amalek) you will find

He will portion land to the tribes, and the Mikdash will be
built and exalted, both as Yehhezkiel's prophecy

The world will be united, in thought speech and deed ---------
Shalom will be established and planted as a seed

The tree then will grow and have taste as the fruit
That will ripen and yeild, Shabbat as it's loot
The tower may have crumbled and divided the people -----------
But the tree of life is eternal, and thus has no room for evil

Ani Ma'amin

If He tarries I will wait, yet act none the less
And closen Shalom, May I do my best
To flip darkness to light as your servant will reveal
And be ready to receive him and follow his heel