Road Hog Gypsies
© Quin\Furner
Author: Quin\Furner
Road Hog Gypsies

Said goodbye to Calhoun County running for the Northeast coast
Chis'ling like a Texas twister through the long and winding road
Ridin' high and feelin' mighty in my bright-red, long nose Pete
Pushin' eighty in a sixty with nine tons of Angus beef

Got my scanner set for Smokies, chugging coffee black and hot
There's no state I ain't left rubber or a Philip-Morris butt
All across this two way ribbon with an ever changing load
I know ev'ry dime store diner on the pike or dusty roads

They call us road hog Gypsies
Through night and day we roll
Dirty road hog Gypsies
Takin' big rigs for a stroll
Cuss-ed road hog Gypsies
Best to stay out of our way
Busted road hog Gypsies
We shoud've been there yesterday

Have an itch to keep on moving, never seem to get enough
There's no beer I ain't poured down and no hill I ain't been up
When the price of gas skyrockets and the bills become too much
Pitch your bi*** at King Abdullah, don't be lookin' down at us

It's all clear through Sooey country so I put the hammer down
And I think about the people sleeping in these little towns
As I listen to some Johnny, there's one lady on my mind
Said she wouldn't try to tame me cause I'd never walk the line