Silent Beatles
© Nigel Quin
Author: Nigel Quin
Silent Beatles

I know where you’ve been hiding
I know where you’ve been
Honey I know everything there is to know
‘cause darling you’ve been seen

I’ve pieced together information
And now I have the proof
Letting lie is no comfort for a jealous eye
And now I’ve got the truth…… from the

Silent Beatles
Watching from the wall
Windswept hair, distant stare
They’ve seen it all
Silent Beatles
Never miss the call
Moving scene, TV screen
They see it all

There’s a motion detector
In the corner of the room
Cameras ready, power-poised and steady
Baby will be home soon.. and the

Hell hath no fury
I’ve often heard that said
Do you dream sweet colourful ecstasy?
While lying in your bed ….as the

©Nigel Quin 2007