Heavy Words
© Nigel Quin
Author: Nigel Quin
Heavy Words
Written by Nigel Quin

She said this was the last time
As she walked in to the rain
She didn’t bother looking back
To see his face again
The sky is full of dark clouds
And her head is in a spin

Not feeling very hungry
But looking very thin

She can’t believe it’s over
Voices in her head
Replaying all those heavy words
A jealous mind had said

Tried to find the station
With rain sting in her eyes
She thought she knew this town
But now it’s in disguise
She walked up to the platform
With no ticket in her hand

The guard called out “It’s time to leave”
But that’s not what she had planned

The guard asked her why she couldn’t leave
It’s the last train don’t you know
She said, “Your train would never take me
To where I want to go”