Urgent Matter
© Nigel Quin 2004
Author: Nigel Quin
Urgent Matter
©Nigel Quin 2004

Oh it’s nine o’clock in the morning!
I’m already running late
No time to sit around here
I cannot miss this date
I tell my friends there’s no time to chat
So they don’t try and tell me what’s new
No I haven’t seen the papers
Or what the government’s gonna do

Don’t care what’s on the agenda
There’s an action overdue
I need to make myself some time
For the Urgent Matter of………….Dreaming of you!

Telephone calls try and take up my time
Every letter wants to be read
But there’s no way I can concentrate
With thoughts of you racing round my head
Meeting notes in front of me
I see priorities one to ten
But there’s something much more important
I need to do before then

Words and pictures from you are good but not enough
And seeing what I’m missing leaves me
stealing a feeling for you love