© 1990
Author: B.J. Collins & Aaron Hamachi
Think back to the days when you were young...
Way back when your life had just begun...
What became of innocence?
Was it lost to decadence?
If you could would you change events to find your childhood?

Somewhere in your life you lost control...
Back there you were molded for your role...
Who decided what you'd be?
Did they point you aimlessly?
If you could would you wrestle free and claim your childhood?

Who made the decisions in your youth?
Who laid the foundation down for you?
Was it for your benefit?
Did they do as they saw fit?
If you could would challenge it to change your childhood?

Who knows what you might have been today...
How low was the path your parents paved?
Did they push you further down
Than the road you might have found?
If you could would you go around, relive your childhood?

Can you ever live your childhood dreams?
How do you recover stolen dreams?
Did the ones who programmed you
Have a chance to think it through?
If you could would you tell them to, and save your childhood?