I've Got Jesus
© 1998
Author: B.J. Collins
Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. Nobody does it alone. Tonto was there when the Ranger despaired. He was never really on his own. Even Captain Kirk had Mr. Spock there to help him do his job in outer space, Seeking out new life and civilizations, Going where no man had gone before, but not going alone. Power Rangers have Zordon. Green Hornet's got Kato Spiderman's got spidey-senses. Captain America's got his mom. I've got Jesus - He is with me, so who can be against me. Oh I got Jesus! Even Batman needed Robin and Batgirl. Backing him up on the scene. Batman would POW, Robin said OWW! And Bat girl got kicks in between. Even Superman needed Lois Lane there to help uncover criminal schemes. She used her brains, and he saved the day..... they were one Super team. A front-page story team...