That Ought To Count For Something
© 2010
Author: Bishop/Hartley
That Ought to Count for Something

By Bishop & Hartley (Sept. 2010)

Words just don't come easy for me the way they do for you
That doesn't mean I don't love you nothing could be further from the truth
You say I'm always lost in thought and quiet most of the time
That ought to count for something, cause baby, you're never off my mind

Sometimes I might forget some things. your birthday, just last week
At times I'm in a hurry and don't kiss you goodbye, when I leave.
But never has a day gone by I haven't thanked the Lord above for you.
And that's the truth.
That ought count for something, baby, you're never off my mind.

If I made you doubt my love for you because of things I didn't do, well Girl, I'm so sorry
I'm on my knees, forgive me, I'd hate to think where I'd be, Without the kind of love you share with me.

Solo Bridge


Don't want to take your love for granted, and girl I hope I never do.
I couldn't stand to face a day, if I had to live it without you.
You're gonna hear the words "I love you", each and every day from now on.... and girl
That ought to count for something; baby, you're never off my mind.

Girl, that ought count for something; and baby you're never off my mind