One More Round
© 2015
Author: Herbert Hartley & Austin Hammond
Cheating Songs and Old Milwaukee have made a fool of me
it's 2 AM, working on a buzz acting like I'm 23
I should be home but I'd be alone .... all my friends are here
Hey bartender, make it one more round of that Old Milwaukee Beer

Sitting in this smoky bar, the band's playing those cheating songs
They just finished one by Ernest Tubb now they're playing No Show Jones
I really don't care what they play, just don't play Your Cheating Heart
If this bar runs out of Old Milwaukee that would tear me all apart.

Well set me up bartender better make it one more round
It might be half past closing time, I gotta chase those memories down.
There is no cure and that's for sure but there is one thing I know
Set me up bartender I need one more round to go


This old country bar room has become my favorite place
Sitting on this bar stool until I lose every trace
of that woman's memory and the way she done me wrong
It's a quarter past you better fill my glass because I'll soon be headed home