© 2013
Author: Herb Hartley
A gentle summer evening breeze blowing through the trees
Brings the smell of Georgia pines.
Lightning bugs and an old dirt road, across the field I'm headed home
Past the pond and the old duck blind.

I'm going back in time, to a place I left behind.

When I was Free, free, free, free.

Hanging out at the water tower, Pittsburgh steel and Detroit power
Watch the war on the evening news
I got my number yesterday, momma wiped a tear away
Said God would see us through.

Wish I could go back in time, to the place I left behind

When I was free, free, free, free


Old man standing by a stone, long black car to take him home.
To an empty house this time.
Now the world is closing in, on a bet that he can't win
One more mountain left to climb

If he could go there just one time, ( go there one more time)
To the place he left behind (oh he left it all behind)

When he was free, free, free, free

Free, it's just another word they say,
When there's nothing left to lose.
The morning sunshine's shining down,
On that early morning dew
Running barefoot in the yard
Swinging on that tractor tire
Life didn't seem so hard
Fishing with an old cane pole
Jumping in that swimming hole

Yeah, let me tell ya man that's free.