What Does Santa Want?
© Neal Klassen
Author: Neal Klassen
What Does Santa Want (For Christmas)
©2005 Neal Klassen

What does Santa want for Christmas?

He works all year for one special day
When he takes what he makes and he gives it away
Santa and the elves are checking the list
If you’re good then you should get your Christmas wish
But what does Santa want for Christmas?

Have you ever thought, all you girls and guys
What you’d pick for Saint Nick as a Christmas surprise
He’s handing out goodies while you sleep in bed
What should be ‘neath the tree for the man in red
What does Santa want for Christmas?

What do you buy for the guy with the Reindeer?
It’s free: you and me can try to give it this year,
Someway… on Christmas day

Santa’s real wish is more than gold is worth
No war anymore and maybe peace on earth
He hopes after Christmas when the holiday’s done
There’s love still, and goodwill, yeah, for everyone
That’s what Santa wants for Christmas